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Jonny bought the smallholding in the Summer of 2017 and set about re-establishing the allotment community in Glencullen on a small scale. The allotments grew and matured to 30 premium, private plots with convenient on-site facilities including electricity, toilets, clean well-water, parking and recreational areas. This special place served as a much needed retreat for gardeners to reconnect with nature through the pandemic years.


To arrive in Glencullen is to step back in time where things slow down and time loses meaning. Glencullen Farm is a natural setting for psychotherapy and mental health treatment; close to home, yet a world away. The clubhouse with wood-burning stove makes for a comfortable, warm, welcoming space to speak confidentially with a psychotherapist. In 2024, Glencullen Farm will open for psychotherapy by appointment only.

Clinical Practice

As a psychoanalytic practitioner, Jonny’s clinical practice is informed by the work of Freud and his engagement in Lacanian study. The clinic explores the unconscious of the person in question attending psychotherapy. Psychoanalytic psychotherapy is conducted with minimum interference in order that formations of the unconscious may be aired. An attuned analytic ear listens in a very particular way to facilitate the person speaking hear a resonance in what they are saying by return.

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