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2017 Allotment Survey Results

Thanks to our resident allotment holders for their feedback to our allotment survey. View below to see how Glencullen Farm measures up.

The response has been overwhelming positive to the change of management at Glencullen Allotments. The community recognition and appreciation for what we’re doing up here is a great support. We’re learning all the time about how best to run the allotments in south Dublin and we’ve listened to the people on the ground who know best. Not just heard, we’ve put pointers in to practice. Tonnes of mature horse manure has been delivered from our neighbours at Killegar Stables to help naturally enrich the allotment soil bed. It’s a free-for-all so dig in!

The annual allotment subscriptions have been reduced for 2018, knocking €50 off the standard 50m2 plot from €200 to €150 next season, €80 off the large 80m2 plot from €280 to €200, and adding a bumper extra large option, a 130m2 plot for €300.

Loads of other pragmatic and quirky suggestions. Many are on the road map for 2018. Stay tuned.

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