Knocksink Wood

Knocksink Woods is a hidden treasure and a rare treat that, thankfully, is utterly unspoilt by tourism or development. The ancient woodland canopy shadowing Glencullen river is breathtaking. To stroll and explore the valley pathways is one of life’s great pleasures. No matter what’s going on in the world, here is a place of timeless peace and quiet, a place where you can truly feel at one with nature. To spend time here is contemplative, soothing, sensory and stimulating, it’s a place where time forgot and long may it last.

The National Parks and Wildlife Services of Ireland describe Knocksink Woods Nature Reserve as follows:

Some of the valley slopes are dominated by sessile oak, while other areas are characterised by mixed woodland. Notable features of the slopes are the frequent and extensive springs and seepage areas within the woodland. These petrifying springs are listed as a priority habitat in the EU Habitats Directive. The site has one of the most diverse woodland invertebrate faunas in Ireland, incorporating wet woodland organisms threatened internationally within the EU.

For access & route information, take a look at the ActiveMe travel guide website. Please tread very lightly on this ancient area on special conservation. Even better, bring a bag with you and collect rubbish as you go to take home for waste & recycling. Leave no trace.

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