Giant’s Grave in Glencullen

The townland of Glencullen lies on the side of three rock mountain in the foothills of the Dublin mountains. One of the many understated local points of interest is the “Giant’s Grave“, a wedge tomb dated to 1700BC! The burial chamber is built in a u-shape out of large stone boulders, now surrounded by a mature plantation of Sitka spruce trees. There’s little to flag the archaeological site but you can follow the directions provided on the Megalithomania website. For more historical context, read the post on the megalithic monuments of Ireland website. It should be noted however that the land adjoining the Ballyedmonduff road from which access is gained is private, and you will find as you approach the “giant’s grave” that you are in the environs of the new Glencullen Adventure Park.

There is a right of way, so follow the signs, stay on the walking track and watch out for mountain bikers! Once you’ve explored the tomb, you might decide to carry on up the side of two rock mountain to the fairy castle. Well worth an excursion!

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