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Life on the farm

Allotment Restoration

Traditional Plough

Photo blog documenting the restoration work at Glencullen Allotments in South Dublin, upgrading 18 existing plots and adding 6 new allotments for GIY kitchen gardeners.

Trees on the Land

Native Irish Agroforestry Scheme

At Glencullen Allotments, we aim to be biodynamic and encourage biodiversity. We know that healthy allotments need healthy soil, clean water and fresh air, which is why we're starting a native Irish agroforestry plantation!

Antler & Wood

Glencullen Farm Mascot Logo

With echoes from the Glen of Holly (Gleann Cuilinn) and remnants from the Giant Irish Deer of Ballybetagh bog, learn about Glencullen Farm's name and logo.